Aurel Acasandrei

      Felix Aftene

      Constantin Baciu

      Calin Beloescu

      Ilie Boca

      Mihai Chiuaru

      Serbana Dragoescu

      Eugen Keri

      Liviu Nedelcu

      Romul Nutiu

      Simona Nutiu

      Sorin Oncu

      Ion Popescu

      Marilena Preda Sanc

      Ion Salisteanu

      Doru Tulcan

      Gheorghe Zarnescu

“The result of a thoroughgoing research of the most relevant artistic experiments
during the period of time mentioned in its title, the book highlights the portrait
of experimentalism as the most dynamic manifestation of culture, strictly related
to the concrete context of civilisation. What can you find in it? Imperative issues
of experimental art in the 2nd half of the last century, the relationship between
traditional and contemporary art, Balkan art compared to occidental art and...
why don’t you read the book all by yourself?” (Rita TASI)