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Curriculum Vitae

Name and surname:
     Ionescu Alexandra (Pseudonym: Alexandra Titu)
Birth date and place:
     August 8, 1948, Periam, Timis county
  • 1966-1969 – The University, Timisoara, The Faculty of Philology, Romanian-French
  • 1969-1973 – The Institute of Visual Arts “Nicolae Grigorescu”, Bucharest, The Art History and Theory
  • 1982 - scholarship, Italy
     in visual arts, the National University of Arts, Bucharest, 2003
Professional activity:
  • Researcher at the Institute of Art History within the Romanian Academy.
  • At the present time she is a professor at the Art Faculty of the West University Timisoara and at the Faculty of Philology of the University, Bucharest.
  • She is a member of the Writers’ Association, Romania, the Association of Visual Artists, Romania, the International Association of Art Critics; AXART Foundation, Iasi and of CIHA.
  • Starting with 1970 she publishes studies, essays, articles and art chronicles in magazines such as “The Contemporary,” “Art,” “Amphitheatre,” “Free Romania,” “The Chronicle,” “Revue Rumaine,” “Revue Rumaine d’Histoire de l’Art,” “Romania’s Platform,” “The Romanian Messenger,” “The Daily Paper,” “Counter-Point,” “Dilemma,” “Workshop,” “Stained-glass Window,” “The Morning,” “Mystical Reason,” radio and television.
Published specialty books:
  • 1980, Alberto Giacometti, Ed. Meridiane.
  • 1983, 13 Romanian Contemporary Painters, Ed.Meridiane
  • 1991-1997, Catalogue: The Romanian Art after 1960 (coordinator), The Soros Centre for Contemporary Art, Bucharest.
  • 2001, A Century of Romanian Sculpture (coordinator), Ed. Meta.
  • 2003, Angela Tomaselli, Ed. Galerya Ro, Ramnicu.
  • The Experiment in the Romanian Art after 1960, Ed. Meridiane.
  • 2004, Romul Nuţiu (in collaboration with Constantin Prut), Ed. Brumar, Timisoara.
Selective curatorial activity:
  • 1973 – “The Experiment from the Bearing Factory Barlad,”
  • 1990 – “Filocalia,” Bucharest
  • 1992 – Sculpture in the wood, Bucharest, Sevilla
  • 1996 -  “Avant-garde ’96,” Bacau
  • 1996 – “The Experiment – Romanian Art after 1960,”Bucharest, Cluj
  • 1997, 1999 – “Sacredness in Art,” Bucharest
  • 1999, 2000 – Festival of Ephemeral Art, Bucharest
  • 1999 – “De Composition,” Bacau
  • 2001 – “Art and Sacredness,” Cupola Gallery, Iasi
  • 2002-2004 – “Art and Sacredness,” Sculpture symposium, Cucuteni, Iasi
  • 2003 – Homeopathic experiment, the Carturesti book shop, Bucuresti
  • 2005 – the “Contemporary Utopia” Festival, Timisoara, Bucuresti
  • 1993 – the prize for art criticism from the Association of Visual Artists in Romania;
  • 1996 – the special prize of the Association of Visual Artists in Romania;
  • 1999 – the prize for novel writing from the Writers’ Association, Cluj subsidiary.