Aurel Acasandrei

      Felix Aftene

      Constantin Baciu

      Calin Beloescu

      Ilie Boca

      Mihai Chiuaru

      Serbana Dragoescu

      Eugen Keri

      Liviu Nedelcu

      Romul Nutiu

      Simona Nutiu

      Sorin Oncu

      Ion Popescu

      Marilena Preda Sanc

      Ion Salisteanu

      Doru Tulcan

      Gheorghe Zarnescu

The pilgrim falcon

"People were speaking a lot about the famous knights of the Prince. When they coped with dangerous missions, people used to think of them with gratitude and perhaps with love - the abstract and extremely comfortable love which you can feel when talking about some legendary characters. About some fiction. Yet, when they returned, eager to live, pretentious and alienated, to the refined world of the Fortress, they immediately became a problem. Their families were, obviously, cutting the fat calves. Their first meeting day used to pass rather easily, with hugs, tours to close relatives, banquets. The exhausted heroes were to enjoy the happiness of having a bath, get their breakfast in their bed, put their elegant clothes on. " read more

The tree in the daybreak

"”What a film one could produce relying on this tree matter! A film. Look, you can start it with this sequence with the dog.” – A dog was passing on the street, with an air of happy liberty. “A dog, whistling and without anything to do, George might say. I might actually tell it too. Yet it is rather George’s style.” (He leant on the window to better follow the dog, which was wagging proudly, like any vagabond on a beautiful day)." read more

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